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Dark Age of Wythia™ (or DAoW) is the ultimate free, browser-based MMORPG experience. Battle against other players to level up your character, lead an army of men and creatures into battle, become more powerful, and one day become the Emperor of Wythia - ruler of all and loved (or hated) by everybody.

DAoW offers a level of depth and complexity that is largely unmatched by other games of its type. In building a character you may choose from ten unique races and ten different base classes, all of which are upgradable to at least one of ten additional advanced classes. The game contains dozens of equipment pieces, personal quests, and over sixty different magic spells.

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10/25/13 - Happy Halloween!Due to recent issues with the chat server I have a different client that can connect to it, as anybody that has attempted to use other methods they will see it fail.

10/25/13 - Work continuesWork will continue within the the combat system, progress has been made, a few setbacks here and there. Hoping to have a good new everyone update here in the future, maybe a new layout, some cool feature, something.... it will come I promise.

08/31/13 - New Armory UDATE: The new armory is going to be used for testing, please report you bugs in the bug reporter. The old armoury is working, and there will be a notice on the new armory to use at your own risk, I will be having a few people used for testing it, if you desire to do this please message me in game and I will tell you what to do and such. Thanks and sorry for the issues with it, the armory passed all my tests but did not do well when it went live.

08/31/13 - MAJOR UPDATE: Hello everybody I have a major update for everybody! The Trade Center will be openning its doors! As well as a newly revamped armory which will fix several issues the old armory was having! I will currently be leaving the old armory up and running so that players can still purchase items (that will be fixed in the merchant system that is nearly finished!) If you have questions feel free to post them in the forums and I can answer any quests you could ever have!

07/17/13 - Trade Center, Donations, & Denar:I figured I would give everybody a heads up about the trade center. It is nearing completion and will soon be able to be used by all players. If somehow you come across the Trade Center by accident, I suggest you not play with it as I am not going to refund ANYTHING LOST, until it is actually released (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!). For more details about the trade center please check out the forums! I have posted some basic information about it there! Next Donations, you will no longer be able to recieve Kempras or Battle Turns from donations. Now you will recieve DENAR! As a general note you gain 10 Denar per USD. 1 Denar sells for 40,000 Kempras. As a note currently the only way to sell down your Denar is in the bug reporter. The Denar Merchant will have this added to his... inventory a little later to have it make more sense! As you can tell Denar are coming back! They will be used in the Trade Center, the Denar Merchant (When his caravan finally arrives, he had a long trip! he has many items to sell from strange lands. He even will have a few new bits of magic that might help you on your travels! I am excited for the release of the trading center. As one last note, all crafted items will soon lose their class restrictions, instead there will be a level restiction added, but that will be in a later post =]! Enjoy!

07/16/13 - Quest Creation and Donations:There will be a reward for quest submissions now!!! If you make a quest that is put into the game you will be given 30 Denar!!! This is an incentive to get people creating more game content and I think you deserve something for your time!!!(please note we need mid level quests. This exclude any quest designed for a single class, and to get the reward the quest needs to be based around levels 10-20, mostly where we see gaps and lacks of quests. ADMINS HOLD THE RIGHT TO REFUSE REWARD IF QUEST DOES NOT FIT INTO THESE GUIDELINES, Subject to change or end at ANYTIME. For most recent changes please visit the FORUMS!) ALSO the game needs donations again! We have used our stored up donations on things for the game! PLEASE DONATE AND KEEP THE GAME GOING!!! I am offering a 10% bonus on all donations for the rest of the month!

07/15/13 - Updates: As of today we officially have a new forums, it's tied your account name and password for your wythia account and if you already have a wythia account you already have a forum account. Suggestions, discussions, all that fun stuff can be found here.

06/17/13 - Game Updates: The Clan System saw the first leaps in an overhaul today, menus are now like the rest of the game. Clan Leaders now have more privilege options including the ability to let others edit user privilege levels. Top tens in clans no longer require a certain amount of members. Clan Leaders can add Clan Images and clans are now more account centric.

06/17/13 - Minor Updates/bugfixes: A few more updates, Emperor Time is now gained by anyone in the top tens at a rate of 5-4-3-2-1 1-1-1-1-1 based on your position. Exact Stats is visible again. Song descriptions bug is fixed. Clan Tax has been fixed and can now be collected and the towns limit for creating clans has been reduced to 10 towns.

06/10/13 - Minor Updates: Bug Points are now tradable for kempras at a rate of 100,000 per bug point. Multiple Storage bugs have been fixed and characters stay in clan when they store or unstore and clan join dates are now preserved per character. Crafting has seen some tweaks to item stats and will continue to be updated as necessary and the Bug Reporter now defaults to All reports instead of to verified bugs.

06/06/13 - So as an update for everybody, CRAFTING IS FINALLY DONE. Well mostly, I will be adding catapults to the crafting page over the next few days but otherwise you should be able to finally spend those resources, and such. There are some cosmetic changes coming to crafting page, but right now I want to test if it works fundementally. Before it gets a make-over let us just make sure it works as designed! I hope it is enjoyed and please give feed back on how it could improve!!! As a note: When you craft an item you will be given an item for a random slot. You can not pick the slot but you can decide on the power level depending on what you have. Another change, diamonds can no longer be sold. They also might have their drop rates increased, and I am giving thought to allowing them to be found at an earlier level. But we will see. Crafting is not cheap, but it is not meant to flood the game with items. The items are going to be useful to MANY classes, but you will craft items that are not worth it, kind of how it goes.

05/31/13 - Big update today for all those Wythians out there! First: Quests have had their experience rewards increased by 25% as well as we have openned the class restiction on quests. The only requirement left on quests is your alignment! I went out bug smashing today! Things that have been fixed: You can NO LONGER ATTACK MULTIPLE TIMES IN 30 MINUTES. The Clan Kitty is back up and running. If you are missing money from it, please message me in game! During character combat on quests you are now going to use your actual weapon rather than just your fists! Donations are working as they should be again. If you do happen to donate I thank you for it, just remember to fill out the form so I can give you your award! As a quick donation update we are looking good for June! (May is all paid up already) Anything that is gained from donations now will go towards the advertising fund! On tap for the weekend is work on crafting! Lots of general balancing still be done, but it is getting closer now! I have disabled the building of catapults as well, they are not going to be in game UNTIL the new crafting system goes live. I will also be updating the bug-reporter for any and all errors I find. I will also try to see what is wrong with it!!!

05/27/13 - Update - I hope everything is going well for all Wythians! I have fixed a few issues here and there with game and I am working on more. As an update the game needs to get about 5 more dollars to survive next month! We are doing well gathering new players. I am working a new system for crafting and items, and then next up will be the start of my updates to clans to include a new method for clan tax, and a revamping of clan wars!

05/03/13 - Game Update - Today start the test of the first major change to the game. You may notice that day change happens 4 times a day. Also all creatures have lost 25% of their hit points, 10% of their attack, and 10% of their Power Rating. Characters will already now require more experience to level. Defenses should be more interesting during combat, and we should see towns change hands more now. Also remember you can now do 4 quests a day, attack 12 times a day and get way more link clicks. I have also auto banked everybody, and I will be adding 500k to those new characters that did not get it to start with. All new characters should now be recieve 500k instead of 50k. Feed back is always useful, but do not judge the new chagned until you have actually tried them out, tested, and seen what really happens!

04/29/13 - We Are Back! - The game has been repaired, I am hoping to have a full showing of supports during this coming week! With some luck we should be seeing this game grow quickly!!! The first will also start real advertising for the game. Hopefully we will see some growth this time!!! Spread the word, call your friends, email them do whatever... lets just get people back to the game!!!

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